*M* is a British new wave and synth-pop band formed in 1979. The group achieved significant success in the early 1980s with their catchy melodies, stylish image, and distinctive sound. The band’s lineup consisted of Robin Scott, Mark Gamble, David James, and Mike Oldfield. Here is a detailed biography of the band *M*, along with their UK hits and albums.


*M* was formed by Robin Scott, a musician and producer known for his innovative approach to music. The band’s debut single, “Official Secrets,” was released in 1979 and gained attention for its electronic sound and witty lyrics. The song set the stage for *M*’s unique blend of pop, rock, and electronic music.

In 1980, *M* achieved their first major success with the single “Pop Muzik.” The song became a worldwide hit, reaching the top of the charts in multiple countries, including the UK. “Pop Muzik” is now considered a classic of the new wave genre and remains one of *M*’s most recognizable songs.

Following the success of “Pop Muzik,” *M* released their self-titled debut album in 1979. The album received critical acclaim for its eclectic mix of styles and innovative production. Songs like “Moonlight and Muzak” and “That’s the Way the Money Goes” showcased *M*’s ability to combine catchy hooks with thought-provoking lyrics.

Throughout the early 1980s, *M* continued to release music that pushed the boundaries of pop and electronic music. The band’s sound evolved with each album, incorporating elements of reggae, funk, and dance music. *M*’s eclectic approach to music made them a favorite among fans of both mainstream and alternative music.

In the mid-1980s, *M* took a hiatus as Robin Scott pursued other musical projects. The band reunited in the late 1980s and released new music that reflected the changing trends in the music industry. Despite the challenges of an evolving music landscape, *M* remained true to their unique sound and continued to attract a loyal fan base.

**UK Hits:**

Some of *M*’s UK hits include:
– “Pop Muzik” (1980)
– “Moonlight and Muzak” (1979)
– “That’s the Way the Money Goes” (1979)
– “Official Secrets” (1979)
– “Satisfy Your Lust” (1980)


– *M* (1979)
– The Official Secrets Act (1980)

**Awards and Achievements:**

– *M* received critical acclaim for their innovative approach to music and production.
– “Pop Muzik” was a chart-topping hit in multiple countries and remains a classic of the new wave genre.
– The band’s albums have garnered praise for their eclectic mix of styles and thoughtful lyrics.

*M* continues to be remembered as a pioneering band in the new wave and synth-pop genres. Their music remains influential and timeless, capturing the spirit of the early 1980s with its blend of pop sensibility and electronic experimentation. With their distinctive sound and memorable hits, *M* has secured a lasting place in music history.

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