1. Introduction:
World in Action was a groundbreaking British television documentary series that aired from 1963 to 1998. Known for its investigative journalism and hard-hitting approach, the show tackled a wide range of social, political, and economic issues. It was first broadcast in 1963 and remained on the air for 35 years, making it one of the longest-running current affairs programs in British television history.

2. Background:
World in Action was created by producer Tim Hewat and editor John Birt. It was produced by Granada Television, a prominent production company in the UK. The show was known for its innovative and provocative style, pushing the boundaries of television documentary filmmaking and paving the way for future investigative journalism programs.

3. Plot and Format:
The format of World in Action varied from episode to episode, depending on the subject matter being covered. The show featured in-depth reports, interviews, hidden camera investigations, and undercover journalism. The episodes covered a wide range of topics, including political corruption, crime, human rights abuses, environmental issues, and major world events.

4. Cast and Characters:
The show did not have a fixed cast as it primarily featured real people and experts discussing the issues at hand. However, World in Action did have a team of dedicated journalists and filmmakers who worked on the program, including reporters such as Martin Bashir, John Pilger, and Roger Cook. Throughout its run, the show also featured notable guest contributors such as Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, and Muhammad Ali.

5. Reception:
World in Action was highly acclaimed for its investigative journalism and courageous reporting. Its hard-hitting approach won awards and critical acclaim, including several BAFTA awards. The show was praised for its ability to expose corruption, challenge powerful institutions, and give a voice to marginalized communities. It had a significant impact on British culture and helped shape public opinion on various important issues.

6. Legacy:
The legacy of World in Action is profound. It set the standard for investigative journalism, inspiring countless documentaries and news programs that followed. The show brought important social and political issues to the forefront of public consciousness, fostering critical thinking and encouraging societal change. Its impact is still felt today, with the spirit of World in Action evident in current affairs programs around the world. Although the series came to an end in 1998, its powerful legacy continues to influence journalism and documentary filmmaking.

7. Conclusion:
World in Action was a trailblazing television program that revolutionized the documentary genre. Its hard-hitting investigative journalism, fearless reporting, and dedication to exposing corruption and systemic issues made it an iconic show in British television history. For over three decades, World in Action informed, challenged, and inspired audiences, leaving a lasting impact on journalism and society as a whole. Its legacy remains a testament to the power of investigative journalism and its ability to hold those in power accountable.

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