Title: The Vapors

The Vapors, a British new wave band hailing from Surrey, England, gained international fame in the early 1980s with their hit single “Turning Japanese.” Formed in 1978, the band quickly rose to success with their infectious blend of power-pop and punk influences. Here is a detailed look at the career of The Vapors, including their chart-topping hits and acclaimed albums.

Formation and Early Years:
The Vapors were formed by lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Fenton, guitarist Ed Bazalgette, bassist Steve Smith, and drummer Howard Smith in 1978. The band quickly caught the attention of the music industry with their energetic live performances and catchy songwriting.

Breakthrough Success:
The Vapors’ breakthrough came with the release of their debut single “Turning Japanese” in 1980. The song, with its distinctive guitar riff and infectious chorus, became an instant hit and reached number three on the UK Singles Chart. “Turning Japanese” was inspired by Fenton’s fascination with Japanese culture and remains a classic of the new wave era.

Chart-Topping Hits:
The Vapors continued their success with the release of their debut album “New Clear Days” in 1980. The album featured not only “Turning Japanese” but also other notable tracks such as “News at Ten,” “Prisoners,” and “Waiting for the Weekend.” The Vapors’ distinctive sound, characterized by melodic guitar hooks and Fenton’s distinctive vocals, resonated with audiences around the world.

Apart from “Turning Japanese,” The Vapors had other notable hits in the UK charts, including “News at Ten,” “Jimmie Jones,” and “Spiders.” The band’s music was known for its sharp lyrics, infectious melodies, and a blend of punk energy and pop sensibilities.

Album Discography:
The Vapors released two studio albums during their initial run:

1. “New Clear Days” (1980) – The band’s debut album, featuring their smash hit “Turning Japanese.”
2. “Magnets” (1981) – The follow-up album, which showcased The Vapors’ growth as songwriters and musicians.

Both albums received critical acclaim and solidified The Vapors’ place in the new wave music scene of the early 1980s.

Disbandment and Reunion:
Despite their initial success, The Vapors disbanded in 1981 after the release of “Magnets.” The members pursued various musical projects, but the band’s legacy endured through their timeless hits. In 2016, The Vapors reunited for a series of concerts, delighting fans with their classic songs and vibrant live performances.

Awards and Achievements:
While The Vapors did not receive mainstream awards during their initial run, their influence on the new wave genre and their enduring popularity among fans solidify their place in music history. The band’s distinctive sound and memorable hits continue to be celebrated by audiences worldwide.

In conclusion, The Vapors’ impact on the British music scene of the early 1980s cannot be overstated. With their infectious singles, acclaimed albums, and energetic live shows, the band left an indelible mark on the new wave genre. Reviving their classic hits, The Vapors continue to captivate audiences with their timeless music and dynamic performances.

This Fact File provides a comprehensive overview of The Vapors’ career, chart-topping hits, acclaimed albums, and lasting influence on music history. From their iconic single “Turning Japanese” to their acclaimed albums “New Clear Days” and “Magnets,” The Vapors remain a beloved band cherished by fans of new wave music.

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