“Don’t Wait Up” is a British television sitcom that first aired in 1983 and ran until 1990. The show falls under the genre of comedy and revolves around the lives of two divorced doctors and their experiences with relationships and professional life. With its witty writing and excellent performances, “Don’t Wait Up” quickly gained popularity among audiences, and its charming blend of humor and heartfelt moments made it a staple of British television.


The show was created by George Layton and Pauline Devaney, who were also the writers for the series. It was produced by Yorkshire Television, a production company known for its successful sitcoms. The show was notable for its collaborative efforts between Layton and Devaney, who brought their individual experiences and comedic sensibilities to create a unique blend of humor.

Plot and Format:

“Don’t Wait Up” centers around two divorced doctors, Toby Latimer (played by Tony Britton) and his more carefree brother, Tom Latimer (played by Nigel Havers). Toby is a respected physician, dedicated to his job but is rather reserved and cautious in his personal life. In contrast, Tom is a womanizer and leads a more flamboyant lifestyle. With Toby being the older brother and more serious of the two, the dynamic between the two characters creates numerous humorous moments throughout the series.

Each episode portrays the brothers’ experiences with personal relationships, often highlighting the challenges they face due to their contrasting personalities. The show also delves into their professional lives, showcasing the humor that can arise from the medical world. From dating mishaps and office politics to comedic situations arising from their patients, “Don’t Wait Up” offers a lighthearted and relatable look into the lives of two doctors.

Cast and Characters:

Tony Britton portrays the character of Toby Latimer, the sensible brother who serves as the anchor of the series. Nigel Havers plays Tom Latimer, Toby’s younger brother, whose carefree lifestyle and womanizing ways often lead to amusing predicaments. Both actors bring wit and charm to their respective roles, making their on-screen chemistry a highlight of the show.

Other notable cast members include Dinah Sheridan, who plays Toby’s love interest, and Jane How, who portrays Helen, a nurse who becomes romantically involved with Tom. The show also features a range of talented guest stars, including well-known British actors such as Diana Quick, Patricia Hodge, and Joss Ackland, who add further depth to the series.


“Don’t Wait Up” received critical acclaim for its sharp writing, stellar performances, and relatable characters. The show’s blend of humor and sincerity resonated with audiences, who quickly fell in love with the Latimer brothers’ on-screen escapades. The sitcom was praised for its witty dialogue, well-observed characterizations, and the chemistry between the lead actors.

The show’s success led to it being nominated for several prestigious awards, including the BAFTA Television Award for Best Comedy Series. The warm reception and high ratings cemented “Don’t Wait Up” as a beloved British sitcom.


“Don’t Wait Up” remains a beloved show that holds a special place in the history of British television. It provided audiences with laughter and relatable stories for seven successful seasons. The show’s impact can be seen in the continued popularity of British sitcoms that explore the intricacies of relationships and everyday life.

While the series did not spawn any direct spin-offs or remakes, it inspired a new generation of sitcoms to explore similar themes and dynamics. The success and enduring popularity of “Don’t Wait Up” laid the foundation for future British sitcoms, ensuring its place in television history.


“Don’t Wait Up” is a highly enjoyable sitcom that captivated audiences with its humor, heartfelt moments, and memorable characters. With its relatable themes and exceptional cast, the show continues to be remembered fondly by fans. The lasting impact it had on British comedy television is a testament to its enduring quality. Whether it is the witty banter between the Latimer brothers or the laugh-out-loud situations they find themselves in, “Don’t Wait Up” will always be cherished as a classic British sitcom that brought laughter and joy to audiences across the nation.

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